Heart Hays has unique  sound, “Tribal Pop” a New Genre for 2015. It celebrates a dynamic sound of trendy pop lyrics mixed with international beats from all cultures around the world. Heart is signed with Famous Fontana/Universal Music Group. Heart was invited to attend The 57th Annual Grammy Awards held on February 8, 2015, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California where she made her Tribal Pop debut. To celebrate her debut, Heart wore a stunning hand-painted gown from Pakistani designer Hamza Bokhari featuring beautiful Native American imagery as she walked the red carpet. In one day, Heart’s red carpet Grammy photo garnered 110,000+ views and was shared over 1000 times. Heart’s photo and unique style has become a VIRAL sensation on social media.

” This Austin native is going big time with her unique #TribalPop sound” – Allison Miller CBS News.

She just returned from a whirlwind multi state promotional tour for her latest single: “Native in the Club” where she performed at the 96.7 KISS FM in Austin Texas on their world famous stage. On tour, in Tennessee, Atlanta, Texas, Alabama, Florida and California, Heart performed on stage and interviewed LIVE on FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS News Channels. Her latest song “Native in the Club” currently plays on iheartradio and Cumulus.

Heart was born in Austin, Texas and traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her career. She is a singer and songwriter, dancer and actress. Her debut song, “Straight for the Heart” and was picked up by commercial agency GODiy Music. This song was helmed by award winning producer Bud’da who worked with Ice Cube, West-side Connection, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and Aaliyah. Another producer for “Straight for the Heart” is Grammy-winning sound engineer “Segal” who worked with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Britney Spears, Snoop Dog, Green Day, Jay-Z, Hilary Duff. The “Straight for the Heart” video is being featured on MTV.COM, and went viral worldwide. Radio networks like KISS FM 104.7 have been promoting the song.

Heart had the opportunity to work with Grammy-winning Charlie Paakkari and with Irvine Young Concert Artists recording live with the symphony at Capital Records. The proceeds benefitted the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
Heart has opened for the Temptations at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.
Heart Hays was the first pop artist invited to perform at the Pechanga Pow-Wow to celebrate Native American culture.

” You started a trend, Let’s all use #TRIBALPOP #HEARTHAYS Cisco Kidd WILD 104.9″.

Heart’s song, “Got Your Back” was written by Heart and produced by Andrew Lane. Andrew is a multi-platinum and Billboard award-winning music producer who has worked with renowned artists in the music industry, including Backstreet Boys, Keith Sweat, Becky G., Miley Cyrus and many more. Andrew is also known for his work on movie soundtracks including Disney’s “Hanna Montana” and “High School Musical”. He is Senior Vice President of A&R at Blast Music. Heart performed her new song “Got Your Back” for Safe Passage’s 14th Annual Gala Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors. Heart received a certificate of recognition for “Outstanding Community Service” from Senator Joel Anderson of California.

” That girl has stardom written all over her, she is destined for great things.” – KISS FM 104.7.

Heart is the cover girl in the August Issue of ACT Magazine which includes an article about her career. The magazine spotlights young teens breaking into the entertainment industry. Heart was also featured in the August issue of Rockstar Magazine, an Austin publication.

Heart sings all genres but she’s an innovator and believes in “creating your own lane”. She has big plans for the future with much more to come having just wrapped her first acting role as a sultry singer/love interest on a new web series entitled, “Club Santino”. Heart also will be continuing to tour internationally in 2015.